Welcome to the Other Side of Possible

Venture Fund for Investing in Game Changing Start Ups & Ideas

can disrupt.

It can transform. It can lead us to what’s next. Healthcare can be a powerful force for change. We created Edge Ventures, a fund dedicated to investing in the fearless trailblazers of healthcare innovation.

Areas of focus

Edge Ventures focuses our investment activities on a variety of innovation areas that share something in common: they harness the power and potential of technology and trends to improve lives.

Beyond the Hospital

What if we could deliver
care beyond our physical walls?


Remote Patient Monitoring

Patient Accountability
and Compliance

At–Home Testing

DTC Self–Management

Population Health

Addiction Management

Digital Health

What if we could offer more
options and better access to


Mental / Behavioral Health

Search and Scheduling

Self–Learning Resources

Online Pharmacies

NextGen Hospital

What if we could fix hospital
inefficiencies and improve

Healthcare Logistics

Patient Transportation

Labor and Workforce




Patient Engagement

What if we could create a
better patient experience?

Internet Bandwidth

Billing Management

Cloud & Data

Language Translation

Patient Relationship and Communications

Emerging and
Specialty Solutions

What if we provided the world’s
most cutting-edge care?

Gene Editing

Regenerative Medicine

3D Bioprinting

Synthetic Organs

Specialty Drugs

Why Work With Us?

Ability to pilot ventures within our health system, with access to 15,000 providers and employees for testing so ventures scale faster

Investment, partnership, and customer base provides validation for future investors

Connected with a leader in healthcare and sustainability

We are a unique corporate VC in that we care about both financial return and strategic fit.

Edge Advocates, our internal functional area experts, help
fast–track ventures